VI Event

The Classic Mike Loyer Foundation VI Event Raffle was first held in 2017…..It is a very unique fund raiser. There are only 500 tickets sold for this yearlong raffle. The ticket is not any old ticket, it is a specially designed Classic Mike Loyer Foundation VI Event hat. Each hat is individually numbered with your ticket number. There are 6 annual drawings; one every other month throughout the year starting in January. Each event is hosted at a different business in our community. The events are designed as a social event remembering Mike and raising money for the Foundation, typically lasting around two hours. At each event 3 winners are drawn from the VI Event participants. These prizes include two $500.00 winners and a $2,000.00 winner. If you are a ticket holder you do not need to be present to win. We also hold a 60/40 raffle at each event…. It’s the Classic Mike Loyer version of a 50/50 raffle; in addition to the 60/40 cash prize we also have two other gift type of prizes. Everyone in attendance is encouraged and welcome to participate in the evenings raffle. At the end of it all there will be VI winners at every VI event!


The Classic Mike Loyer FoundationVI Event